Why Black And White Photography Is So PowerfuI

Sometimes, a photo in black and white says so much more than the same exact one in color would.  Have you ever wondered why?   

Take the photo below, for example.  It is one of my favorites.  I came across this old station while driving through the countryside in New York State.  In the blink of an eye (or in this case, the click of a camera), it transported me back to a nostalgic time when life was simpler, skies always seemed blue, and a meaningful day would consist of heading down to the local mom and pop store to stock up on supplies.

What does it make you think of?


The photo below, "Hazelnut"  was also taken in New York.  The black and white captured this tree beautifully, because it removed all other visual distractions and allowed the focus only on the chaotic movement and structure, which appeared to be clutching at the air in a desperate attempt to grow and thrive (which it was, if you think about it!)

In what way does this tree resonate with you?

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All the best,

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