Welcome to your Neighborhood: The Common Ground We Share

Dear Art Lover,

What exactly is the personal connection you have to your neighborhood?  If asked, could you break it down to a few core elements?

In my view, it is our people, architecture, culture and climate. In the following photos, the beauty of age and a wash of color brings these old streets to life in a unique and culturally significant way. Such variables, commonly threaded yet unique, are quite literally the pulse of our existence.

No matter your walk of life, social status, or geographical location, universally we share routines of our early morning or afternoon hours...on our way to and from the two principal destinations of our lives....work and home.

Of course, remote work and technology have completely revolutionized lives, and advancement occurs even in previously disconnected or undeveloped areas. The transformation of our working, learning and socializing practices is ongoing - and perpetual.

But no matter....as with all metamorphoses, the core remains.

"Bahia Street" - Bahia, Brazil 2006

The routines which define and connect us:

Mothers sitting outside with their children, chatting up a neighbor who is walking by, walking a dog, taking a break from the business of daily life, or going to the market for supplies. 

"Two Sides of the Street" - Havana, Cuba 2014

A new start each day:

Captured in this early morning shot in Havana, Cuba, the morning hours are oftentimes the busiest, hurrying to get to work or school, and begin another day anew.

"Havana Morning" - Cuba, 2014

Do you connect with the theme of these images? 

I would love to know. Feel free to share something special about your hometown, routine, and favorite place. Hit 'reply' - OR - click on a social media link to share your thoughts!

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