Two Photos, One Bridge: Taking Us From One Place To Another

I have always been fascinated with bridges.  Aside from the impressive architecture and engineering, the metaphor of them taking us from one place to another has been used in both literature and films for ages. What is it exactly that is so beautiful? I want to explore that here with you today.

Believe it or not, the two photos below are both of the same bridge. Formerly The 59th Street Bridge, also known as The Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, passes over the East River in New York City.  It connects the neighborhood of Long Island City in the borough of Queens with the Upper East Side in Manhattan, passing over Roosevelt Island. It was completed over 100 years ago, in 1909.

14 Degree Angle:

What I love about this photo: To me, I feel like the sky is mirroring the water, rather than the typical opposite. Also, I preferred to publish this photo in black and white because it put all of the focus on the bridge itself, appearing as almost a glass like, modern structure.  Taken on a very cold day, you can almost feel the brisk air just by looking at it. The angle also added to the allure.

Bridge and Chimney:

What I love about this photo: It captures the architecture in a completely opposite way, giving it another cultural and aesthetic feel altogether, as if it could have been taken on the other side of the world. I love how the color shows its age and wear for over a century, rather than modern and sleek as in the black and white.

Both photos, however, makes me wonder how many people in the past century took it from one place to another, and what stories would they have to tell?

What do you think? Have you a favorite bridge that you have crossed in the world, and why?  Is it because it took you to work every day, or perhaps to visit a special person on the other side.  Please jot a note and let me know your thoughts on these amazing structures.

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