Portrait Art: Why A Face Says A Thousand Words

Portrait photography is so much more than a yearbook headshot or a family picture.  The art of professional portraiture has been around for centuries.  Depicting a face, it uniquely expresses emotion and character in a distinctive way. The skillful use of light and shadow, along with careful framing and artistic perspective, can turn a snapshot into a work of art that delivers maximum impact and emotion.

The appeal of a high-quality portrait is timeless. One moment, expression, or gesture in time is captured, in an artistic and alluring way.... that might otherwise have been fleeting.

I saw this child leaning against the base of a monument in a small village in Guatemala. I took many photos of him and we both enjoyed our silent encounter.  Beautifully natural and adorable!

If you’re seeking portrait art for your home, consider whether you want a piece that will evoke joyful or peaceful emotions. The key question is: What kind of environment do you want to create?  A portrait artist captures a person and emotion, one moment in time. If you’re looking for something that makes you smile, pick something whimsical in its aesthetic appeal with an illustrative style and bright colors. If a more serious subject matter resonates with you, then look for works that embody a sense of quiet dignity.


This young woman in India was captivating with her serene expression, piercing eyes and the illuminating backlight of her purple headscarf. 

Always keep in mind that your emotional connection with a piece of art is something only you can articulate. 

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