Playing With Color And Movement At The Marketplace

Dear Art Lover,

As you know, my trademark style of photography is the 'painting with the camera' effect, where I use slow shutter speed to capture interesting takes on movement and color.  Sometimes, when I am in a scene where there is more than usual activity, I experiment with shutter speed and slow it down even a little bit more. The results can be very unique.  Please take a moment to browse two of my favorite pieces done in this manner:

"Chair to Market"

This photo was taken in Chichicastenango, Guatemala in 2019, where there are huge outdoor fresh markets selling everything from produce and flowers to clothing and accessories. From very early morning people flow through all the streets leading to the center of town, carrying their merchandise to display for almost 24 hours. I patiently waited on the sidelines for the right moment to take photo of these incredibly hard working and humble people. I like the way the slower shutter speed captured the movement and color, paradoxically making it both obscure and vivid at the same time.

"Women at the Market"

This photo was taken in the blue city of Jodhpur, India in 2018.  Like many cities they also have a bustling street market where the women go each day to shop supplies for their families. I took this photo also with a slower shutter speed, and chose to be deliberate about the angle as well, with the result being a staggered, almost stuttered effect of color and movement.  I hope you enjoy this unique take on a ubiquitous street scene in another beautiful city.

Please take a moment to view these photos from a distance as well as up close. They read differently from each perspective, and are thus more subject to the viewer's interpretation. What are your thoughts about this technique and these shots?  Would you like to learn more? Please email me at with any comments or questions.

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