"Look At Every Exit As Being An Entrance To Somewhere Else"

Marking these infamous words by the famous playwright Tom Stoppard, doors are a fascinating piece of architecture, and have been represented in photography and artwork for centuries.  After all, what greater metaphor exists for taking a viewer from one place to another?  The entrance to a home is often its most ornate feature, and tells a unique story about what is behind prior to entering.


The beautiful architecture, tremendous height, and teal color are what drew me to take the photo below in Italy. Despite its apparent age, personally I would not want to repaint or refinish it, as it tells a century old story with its antique carving and detail.  It appears formidable but not unwelcoming.


The door below, taken in West India, appears impenetrable and the viewer might feel more apprehension as to what is behind. In some ways I find the style of this door even more fascinating in its uniqueness.  For example, do you notice the double locks? What about the second set of hinges in the center? I wonder why that feature would be there. Perhaps it was simply too heavy to hang from one hinge, was a necessity of architecture with the size of materials available, or perhaps is an extra security feature in itself....Either way it adds to the level of mystery what may be behind. 

Therefore, in these immortal words, every exit truly is an entrance to somewhere else. Can you let me know your thoughts on these photos....What do you think could be on the other side, and would you feel welcome to enter? Where in the world have you seen most interesting architecture?

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