Horses: Our Fascination With Beauty, Strength, Speed

Did you watch the Kentucky Derby?  Whether you saw it live or heard about it on the news, by now we all know the thrilling story about an 80-1 long shot winner called Rich Strike (what an apropos name for a horse!!)

It got me reminiscing about these incredible animals and reviewing photos from an journey I took to Kyrgyzstan to photograph the World Nomad Games, a most unique sporting event launched as a government initiative in 2014 with only 10 countries participating.  When I went in 2018, it had grown to 37 countries for a weeklong competition and festival which goal is to revive the culture of ancient tribes which used to roam the Earth.  The 4th games will be held this year, 2022, in Turkey.

The horse races were some of the most fascinating events to witness, and the photo below, "Headshot", caught the winner crossing the finish line.  I loved how my 'painting with the camera' effect uniquely captured the determination of the beautiful animal.

Similarly, you can literally feel the valiant struggle to win in the photo below, "Horse Power", also from the Nomad Games.  This print is a Limited Edition, one of only eight in the world, and is a valuable investment in fine art photography. 



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