From Dusk Till Dawn: Evoking Mood With Shadows And Light

Dear Art Lover,

I love the effect that takes place with light and shadows as the sun rises and sets, especially as it happens over cities and their unique architecture. This incredible interplay can be beautifully captured in photos taken at the right time and angle. Take a look at the following three pictures along with me, taken when the sun was either at the beginning or end of her daily cycle. 


"Deep Blue"  

-  Sunrise over Manhattan Skyline, 2020

"Sunset SF"  -  Sunset over San Francisco

"Evening NY"

- Manhattan Skyline at Night, 2020

The two NY photos were taken during the infamous and strange times of the Covid-19 lockdown, and viewing them now reminds me at the time the only movement seemed to be the light dawning and setting on the quiet, still Manhattan Skyline.

Similarly, in the San Francisco photo, when the sun has left and darkness begins to fully set in we see the brilliant yet shadowy glow of light and dark. To me, it can be viewed as the sun struggling through her last grand, illuminating gesture of the day, beckoning us to remain hopeful and return tomorrow.

The constant of light and reflection is a ubiquitous theme in both the cities depicted here, and around the world. While viewing I am always reminded of the fact they never really do go to sleep.

Do these photos and times of day speak to you in any way personally? I would love to know. Please write to me at and let me know.

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