For the Love of Windows: Using Minimal Surroundings For Maximum Effect

 Through decades of travel, I have sought out many cultural and profound tales to tell through my lens. However, I am always surprised at the simple and unencumbered shots that come to view to tell a wonderful story.  Check out the gallery below which highlights the subtleties of framing and background in photos.  These wonderful investments to an art collection are sure to draw attention and be interesting conversation pieces.

             "Framed"                                                                                                   Brazil, 2016

This young woman was waving to a friend on the street while I walked by in Bahia, Brazil.  She had such happy energy I asked if I could take this shot, and the window turned into a perfect backdrop

A minimal backdrop is a powerful tool, as it allows your subject to be the sole focus.  Using natural elements, such as windows and doorways, draws your eye into the view. You cannot help but wonder what is on the mind of those peering in, or out.


       "Window Frame"                                                                                       Netherlands, 2013

The innocent and mischievous manner of this young boy in Amsterdam caught my eye.  He was getting ready to watch a concert on the canal from the comfort of his own window ledge.

Sometimes, it is color that catches your eye.  The warm orange glow beckoned me in, to the peaceful din of happy memories taking place.  When shot from the right angle, with the right lighting, an element can actually appear to float.  This also happened when I took the photo "Open Window":


          "Open Window"                                                                                     Havana, 2019


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"Blue Window"

This window told a beautiful blue story on a side street in Hanoi, Vietnam (2020).

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"Motorbike Cover"

The bright bike cover offset by the aged window frame is a lovely juxtaposition of color and theme. 

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