For the Love of Kitchens: The Heart and Soul of our Homes

In every country and culture, one thing is constant across the world: our kitchens are the hearts and souls of our homes. It is where the family gathers, the young are cared for, and memories are made. Whether it is the preparation of a grand holiday feast, an annual birthday or anniversary, or a simple weekday meal while children are doing their homework, it holds our most extraordinary memories. You would be surprised however, at how different kitchens can be across cultures.  Let's explore a few here today:

"Just a Kitchen"

While walking through the streets in Hanoi, Vietnam, this kitchen caught my eye. It was naturally framed by the window, providing an inviting and readily available composition. I was struck by the vibrant color (actually quite common in the area) and neatly arranged supplies on hooks and shelves.  The cabinets were shiny and clean, as well as the table, where you could almost see a mirror reflection.  Clearly this home chef took great pride in the bright surroundings.

"Vietnamese Kitchen"

This photograph was also taken in a Vietnam village, and is a more common style kitchen arrangement. The sunlight beaming through the upper right window highlights the clay pots and wooden utensils, used for steaming a traditional and steady diet of healthy fresh vegetables and fish. 

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