Conversations with Color and Culture

I am sure you have heard the phrase 'art as a conversation piece' - artwork that is captivating in a sense that it inspires the viewer to further explore the subject. As a professional photographer, one of the most important things I do to travel the world, bringing remote destinations back home, and hopefully beginning a new dialogue. It is a privilege I do not take lightly. 

When traveling I consider it an imperative to capture not only scenery, landscape and/or architecture, but the culture as well, drawing us into a deeper discussion. Therefore, my goals are to:

  1. Transport the viewer to a place they may not ever see in person;
  2. Create a visual dichotomy, drawing one in to study the frame; 
  3. Perhaps inspire them to research, learn or visit; and
  4. Open us up to more common threads of humanity we share.

Specifically, I am always drawn to color, whether muted or bright, in contrast to a natural backdrop. It can be a visual treasure hunt of sorts, inspiring us to study each element in relation to the whole, and thrust us deeper into the cultural conversation.

In my opinion, the pieces I present to you this week hit the mark. Think of a colorful flower popping out through a thicket of grass or leaves - you cannot help but look, and wonder how it arrived there, and thrived.  Join me while we explore several photos taken in mindfulness of this theme.

1. "Colorful Junks" - Vietnam, 2020:  Small Junk boats and river floating houses near Ninh Binh, North Vietnam, an area in the north that is famous for its natural beauty.

2. "Havana Laundry" - Havana, Cuba 2020: The juxtaposition of the clean laundry flowing against the ancient and beautiful architecture in Havana, Cuba mesmerized me.

3. "Boat Park" - Japan, 2020: Arashiyama is a little neighborhood in the western outskirts of Kyoto, known for being a little piece of paradise.

These photos make me want to wander and explore more. How do they make you feel?  Send me a note with your thoughts at

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