Color Pops And A Touch Of Red: What It Means In Photography

Have you ever heard the phrase "A touch of red?"

It is an often repeated phrase in photography circles. The richness of the color red in particular captures the attention of a viewer and draws focus away from the surroundings and towards the subject.

Whether it's through red clothing, a pair of blood red lips, a shiny object or flower, your viewer will have to stop and look. Red has unique vibrance which symbolizes passion and strength, drawing a desire to have these images in our surroundings.

Other colors can also stir emotions and draw attention of the viewer, but in different ways. Let's explore this contrast of color and context in two photos of motorbikes.

"Home Parking"

The photo above, "Home Parking" was taken in a remote village in North Vietnam. I was immediately drawn to the contrast of colors in the muted, drab concrete and walls with the bright red 'pop' in the motorcycle shell. 

Adding to the juxtaposition, note the burned area in the front of the photo is actually used to cook their food. A function of necessity in these poor villages, the inhabitants live, eat, cook and store all of their belongings in the same room.

As the only means of transportation, they clearly took immense pride in the shiny wheels, but perhaps less so in the area in which it was kept.

"Motorbike Cover"

This photo was taken in a remote village by the name of Hoi An, also in Vietnam. Of course, I could not help but be drawn to the bright and beautiful green cover. It provided a happy and more upbeat aura to the aged street, sidewalk and buildings. Vibrant and pleasing to the eye, it gave a visual reprieve to passersby.

This owner also took much pride in keeping this motorcycle clean and in good condition, despite the suboptimal living conditions of the town.

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