Color, Light and Love: Important Thoughts To Ponder When Collecting Artwork

I recently attended the Holi Celebration, a Festival of Spring, in New York.  It is a celebration of love, light, and color and was a brilliant event to witness.  It got me thinking about the inspiration that draws me to different locales, and to share some thoughts about it today.  There are certain pitffalls to consider in collecting artwork:

         "Holi Dance"                                                                   New York, 2022   


  1. Avoid trends in the market.  Don't let social media or your peers drive your purchase, let your heart and soul do the work.  The Holi Celebration really made me think about the value of color in our everyday lives, and its incredible manifestation in the growth of springtime.  Ask yourself, what truly speaks to you?
  2. Think outside the box. It may not be a traditional landscape or portrait but perhaps something impressionistic or abstract. Personally, my heart is with my signature 'painting with the camera' technique.  Where is yours?
  3. Avoid copycats and purchase high quality work from reputable artists who produce on high quality materials, which will grace your home through high resolution details.  Copycats take advantage of both the artist and the collector by printing cheap quality at cheap prices. 


   "Spring Look"                                                     New York, 2022


What inspires you?  What type of art or cultural events speak to you? I would love to hear more and include some of your thoughts in an upcoming newsletter.  Just hit reply and jot me a quick note!  

Last, don't miss the last few days of my Summer Solstice: Luminescence Exhibit currently going on at the Agora Gallery in New York!  I am so thrilled at the opportunity to exhibit these pieces from my 'Holi' shoot and do believe it is uplift of color and light we all need right now.  It is running through June 24th and I hope to see you there!

All the best,