Why should I invest in Fine Art Photography?

Why should I invest in fine art photography?

To our delight, the accessibility of photography appears to make it a medium for everyone.  We are all now able to take photos to post to social media or share with friends.  However, far from your average smart phone shot are museum-worthy pieces by master photographers which are wise choices for both investors and art lovers.

Professional photography is now being regarded in the same realm as the centuries-old arts of painting and sculpture. By comparison, the relative affordability of original fine art photography makes it a good medium for both aspiring and seasoned art collectors.

A curated collection consisting of exquisite portraits, landscape, wildlife and limited edition prints will enhance your space with style, color, and character. Making a choice to purchase the work of a master photographer, rather than mass-marketed prints, means that you are directly supporting the artist’s journey, and traveling through their lens.

Limited editions help ensure that your purchase will be one-of-a-few masterworks that is produced by the artist. These exclusive editions help bring individuality and rare beauty to your home as well as having real value, that can increase over time.

It is my passion and privilege to have traveled the world, carefully documenting the many facets of culture, creatures, architecture, movement and humanity to bring to you in my collection.

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 From influencers documenting their fashion choices to commercial advertisements, there are images quite literally everywhere we look. Yet, you must not let this saturation fool you.  Fine art photography is a masterful skill and a rising star in the field of art collection.


Technique of the week:  Macro Photography

Macro photography is a fine skill honed over many years.  Few photographers reach this level and their acclaimed work is coveted by connoisseurs of fine photography.


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