The Value of Color: Investing in Joy and Happiness in Original Artwork

The Joy of Color:
Bringing positive energy to your atmosphere by investing in original artwork

Colorful works of art are essential for creating a joyful and positive atmosphere, as well as promoting positive spirit and well-being. When well thought out and coordinated with your existing style, furniture and room elements, your space will be instantly elevated.  If you are ready to add some colors to your room, consider the few tips in this guide, and be sure to explore and include some colorful art pieces, like vibrant impressionist art, unique and colorful photography prints, cultural interest pieces that speak to your heart and imagination, and more.


Let us explore a few tips for investing and decorating with colorful, original artwork:


1.  Look for the perfect art piece that speaks to you.

Investing in a colorful art piece can perfectly transform your room and tie everything together. To help ensure you pick the perfect artwork, look around your room and see what decor elements you have in it.  Give some thought to the following questions:  What are your favorite colors in that palette?  What colors make you happy?  What is your personal style?  For example, if you have a fabric or decor piece in your home with a shade of color you love, seek out that colors in your artwork and it will blend with your decor.  Then, with that in mind, research artists whose work suits your taste.  Fine art is an investment and the choice should be made carefully and wisely.  Look for an artist whose work is known and established.  You may want to consider purchasing limited edition prints, which may increase in value over time.


2.  Create a gallery wall.

Creating an art gallery wall can beautifully evolve the look of your room. Look for art pieces that work well together, and build an art gallery wall out of them.  Carefully study your space to decide what size art you should bring and how many of them. Adding both smaller and large pieces will make the area look eclectic and interesting.  Coordinate the frames to match together, whether through rustic, traditional or sleek and modern black frames (or a combination!).   After accumulating your art pieces, arranging them on the floor first to see how they will appear together on the wall.  We recommend using command strips to set them up and move around without damaging your wall, and allow you the flexibility to add and remove pieces as your collection grows.


3.  Make it fun!

Colorful art pieces often represent joy and happiness. Therefore, when adding colors to your space, do not miss the opportunity to set your goal on making you smile when you see it, invoking a positive mood and setting.  What do you want to achieve?  Your atmosphere can be energized with the use of bright reds and yellows, or calmed with muted blues and greens.  Look for dynamic art with movement, color and contrast, and a subject matter that inspires you.  Photography prints, such as animal art, portraits and landscape with organic elements can achieve this.


4.  Set a vibe.

Last but not least, you can use colorful art to create a vibe. Do you want a sense of calm and happiness? Look for art pieces that evoke a natural relaxing effect on your spirit.  Energy and inspiration?  Look for pieces with vibrant color, movement and action.  Is this for a work space or home space?  Look for pieces that inspire an uplifting, motivating environment.  Whatever you pick, make sure it makes you feel good, fits well in your space, and is a smart investment.  You can explore some of the best and diverse artwork online to incorporate into your personal space.  


Consider these few tips if you are looking for ways to decorate your room integrating color and original art pieces, and press the links below to browse beautiful additions to your elevate your space with style!

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