Artwork as a gift: Present-ing from the heart

Are you considering giving the gift of fine art ?
No matter the occasion, a thoughtfully chosen piece of art is a timeless, memorable and valuable gift.  But where do you start?
Giving a piece of art as a gift shows that you have put in a lot of thought and effort into your decision.
Here are a few tips to get you started!
"Mirror Reflection"
First,  think of your loved one’s taste. 
This may seem pretty obvious, but if you are also an art lover, it can be difficult to hide your own likes and dislikes!
Take a step back from your personal taste and focus on theirs. Consider the decor they have in their home, the color palette, or anything unique to their style.  Is their taste more Modern? Traditional?  Abstract?  Good answers to these questions will help the piece uniquely compliment their home.
"Kyrgyz Warrior"
Second, Think of any specific interests they have.
Perhaps they are interested in traveling or wildlife, or beautiful landscape photographs.  Choose something that stirs some old memories for them, or makes them smile and bring positive energy.
"Monkey Watch"
Third, While an impressive artwork may be appreciated, 
it may not always be a practical gift. When gifting
art, you need to ensure that the recipient has enough space to display it. That’s why smaller art pieces may be better options as they offer more flexibility for display.

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A vibrant piece adds a unique touch that draws the eye.

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Invest in Art

Give a gift that is one of only a few, a collectible that increases in value over time

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Fourth, Let the recipient choose. 
Not all gifts have to be a surprise!
Your loved one will look at the artwork every day, so it is important to give
something they enjoy. If you are not sure which artwork to choose, consider asking them! This way you ensure it will be something they treasure.

All the best,