Are Large Abstract Paintings Better?


When visiting an art gallery or looking to buy contemporary abstract art, the artwork of any size can be enjoyed. The works are placed in specially created spaces, and the large-scale abstract art may simply be installed outside so that viewers can see it from every angle. But do large abstract paintings offer a richer, more satisfying experience than smaller ones? Do dimensions in art actually matter in some pieces? Read on to learn more.

What Really Is the Scale in Paintings?

The size of one whole object compared to another whole object is referred to as "scale" in contemporary abstract art. Through the viewer's perception of scale, artists can influence them in different ways with large- and small-scale works of art. Despite being frequently confused with proportion, scale is distinct. The relationship between variously sized components within a single overall composition is referred to as "proportion." The perception of size is inherent in humans. Because people frequently use themselves as a baseline for comparison, artists frequently use scale to produce various effects in their works of abstract art.

What Purpose Does Scale Serve in Art?

  • Stressing significance

  • Emphasizing specifics

  • Imposing viewpoints

Large Abstract Paintings: Better or Worse?

Sometimes, the significance of an artwork's size needs to be noticed. Not only does it need to fit in the space available, i.e., on the wall (or, if it's a sculpture, on the floor), but it also needs to have the desired effect and impact. Although many of us are accustomed to seeing art purchased to fill a few empty spaces on walls—for example, above the chest next to the antique map or between the family portrait and the bookshelf—art is so much more than that.

The Growth of Scale and Its Effect on Viewing

Growth is exponential, as is often said, which is undoubtedly true in abstract art. Even larger works follow influential works by contemporary abstract artists. As we previously discussed, a work's subject can be influenced by its scale and the viewer's reaction. How can you not be humbled by a piece of art that is so much bigger than you in terms of its impact on your emotions? Artists scale their works to highlight specific elements or the entire composition. Scale and particular location (placement) may also contribute to the experience. Observers of monumental sculptures placed in public areas may be reminded of circumstances, events, and stories there or nearby.

Furthermore, large abstract paintings can change a space, add vitality, and create an atmosphere. A giant artwork is substantially different from a comparatively tiny artwork. Because of its size and influence, it should be viewed as an integral component of the room rather than an afterthought. In fact, size has to be considered an artistic decision. It makes sense to arrange the artwork first, then arrange the space around it. It may have a dramatic effect.


Large abstract paintings can completely change a space; they inject life and a wow factor. Big focus on drama. But buying abstract art is not a problem today because everything is easily accessible online. So, take a minute to contemplate that "big" is no longer exclusively for art galleries, but such large-scale contemporary abstract art could now be a part of your home with Danny Johananoff!