A Few Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Medium For Your Wall Art

For your wall art to be an effective decor element in a room, it needs to be printed on the right medium. When making that choice, there are a few things you should consider:

  1. Types of Media: Satin fine art paper, acrylic, high gloss metal print, satin metal print - these are only some of the media you can choose from.  There are many more, each with its own distinctive qualities. 
  2. Weight: Some materials or media vary according to their weight.  For instance, a standard print paper is usually 60 to 100 gsm (grams per square meter).  If you want your fine art print to look expensive and sophisticated, you should go for a medium that is heavier and sturdier (around 200 to 300 gsm). 
  3. Texture: Your choice of texture is dependent on your personal preference.  Keep in mind, however, that materials with a smooth texture look much better when displayed under glass.  So, if you are planning to frame your art, go with a smoother texture.  It also provides incredible contrasts and details. 
  4. Finish: The finish, much like texture, also boils down to your personal choice.  From matte to glossy and metallic, you can choose from various finishes, depending on how you want the end product to look. 


                    "Oxygen Pillars"                                                                         New York, 2020

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                    "Flower Painting"                                                                           New York, 2020


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